Welcome to HER, a collection of 3333 full bodied illustrations. Taking inspiration from anime and fashion, this collection boasts fashionable handcrafted outfits with an emphasis on detail. From bold, diverse, and elegant outfits, to no-nonsense business attire. Hidden throughout the collection you will find rare outfits that have been inspired by some of our favorite video games and anime.


This is HER story, born out of an explosion of "what if’s"

…What if…

In HER world, she could express herself with any style that she desired?

…What if…

In HER world, she could make fashion timeless!

…What if…

In HER world, there was no limitation to who she could become?

…What if…

In HER world, she could have it all?

Well, in HER world, there are no "what ifs"

Because HER world is here, HER world is now!


Concept and development

• HER conception and formation of team
• Creation of art
• Coming soon landing page

Community building and marketing

• Creation of Discord account
• Community outfit poll. Two outfits chosen and selected by early community members.
• Issuing of early member perks
• HER announcement and Twitter campaign 

Pre-sale and Public-sale

• Pre-sale: early and discounted mint for the whitelisted (allocation 500)
• Proceeds go back into marketing
and collaborations.
• Public sale: includes discounted early mint for those with perks
• Opensea reveal a few days after 

Exclusive perks and drops for holders

• There is a special trait in the collection. Every holder of that trait will receive an airdrop at a later announced date.
• Holders will have exclusive
whitelist opportunities.
• Special seasonal drops for HER holders. 

HER treasury

• 33% of all royalties will go to
the community wallet.
• All community members with a holder role in Discord will have the option to take a seat at the table. Vote on how to use the funds, community initiatives, giveaways, or starting a new project with the funds. 

HER future

• We are looking to strengthen the HER brand and its community through research, development, and strategic partnerships.
• First Seasonal NFT - "World Oceans Day" on June 8

Our team

Bikini Body

As a woman and traditionally trained artist, holding a BFA and running the international gallery circuit, BikiniBody saw HER as an amazing opportunity to create something that bridged her love of art, fashion and anime as well as a way to build an inclusive and diverse community around the project. You can view some of her work on twitter @Bikini_Boody

Intelligent Design

ID holds a BS in Computer Information Systems. He began mining Bitcoin in 2013 and purchased his first NFTs, which happened to be Crypto Kitties in 2017. After working for over 10 years in the financial sector he decided to pursue his passion as a designer and developer.


A collection of full-bodied illustrations inspired by Anime and Fashion. Drawn by female artist @Bikini_Boody

Whitelist Pre-sale TBA
Public-sale TBA

Public-Sale cost .05 ETH (OG role .045 ETH)
Whitelisted Pre-Sale .04 ETH

If you have a Whitelist role you will have access to the Pre-Sale which will have a 20% discounted price.
If you have an OG role you will have early access to the Public-Sale with a 10% discounted price.

Yes. 33% of all royalties are automatically sent to HER Treasury, a community wallet. This is built into the smart contract.

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